High-energy dynamo Alyssa Westerlund is widely recognized as one of the funniest people in the Bay Area. Her sweet, innocent looks belie her wicked sense of humor and spot on delivery. She inspires women and melts men like toy soldiers in the microwave.

No topic is off-limits, no sensibility is safe, she will rip your guts out, tear your heart to pieces, grab you by the genitalia and not let go until you're in stitches.

She was written up in KQED as one of 6 rising stars not to miss at Comedy Central's Clusterfest 2019.

She has performed at Comedy Day, Oakland Comedy Festival and 2020 will be her 4th year at Sketchfest!

She co-produces Comedy Psychos, Friday Night Fustercluck at PianoFight, and Dogpatch Comedy at Harmonic Brewing.

She is a regular at Bawdy Storytelling.

She produces the Seawolf comedy show at Seawolf Pub, and an open mic at Cafe Buenos Aires (2999 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley) every Tuesday at 7pm.

Check out more videos on her youtube channel

For bookings, email alyssawesterlund@gmail.com